About Socium Law

Our foundation is built on experience and a focus on our client’s success

We are members of the local and national advisory committees to the TSX Venture Exchange, sponsors of the Alberta IoT Association (AIOT) and members of Rainforest Alberta. At AIOT, Socium Law is a facilitator for the Fast Track Program, a technology ecosystem program to help established businesses scale up.  Additionally, we act as directors and/or officers for several public and private companies.  Partnering and fostering the business communities we serve is at the core of everything we do. Our experience with corporate leaders has led to a foundation built on dependability and transparency.  Our aim is to become a keystone legal service provider to emerging public and private companies, providing innovative, efficient and practical advice to business leaders.

About William Van Horne – Socium Law Founder

A graduate of the University of New Brunswick Law School, Will has practiced law for over 18 years between Toronto and Calgary.  His experience as a partner at leading Canadian law firms has provided him with invaluable training and insight into the needs of emerging companies across a variety of business sectors.

“Recognizing some of the limitations of larger law firms to serve growth stage companies, Socium Law was founded as a firm with the specialized skill sets, flexible fee structure, and experience to meet the unique needs of emerging public and private companies. ” William Van Horne, Principal at Socium Law.